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The Power of Experiential Learning for Child Development

Prep Your Child

for LIFE, Not a Quiz

Acton Academy Silicon Valley offers a unique, child-led approach to education that allows each learner to discover their passions and interests, and to take ownership of their learning journey. Acton SV delivers experiential learning emphasizing teamwork, real-world projects, social-emotional awareness and an entrepreneurial growth-mindset.

Put you child in an environment where they can reach their full potential

Fostering Independence and Curiosity

See our parent school in action

Hear from our parents

Parents who support our mission for a lifelong love of learning for their kids

Developing Life Skills through our Children's Business Fair: Where Skills Meet Entrepreneurship!

Acton SV Shark Tank is the first step before our Children's Business Fair, we provide a unique opportunity for children to develop essential life skills by pitching their business ideas to investors. This hands-on experience not only fosters creativity and entrepreneurship but also cultivates valuable skills that will benefit them throughout their lives.

Hands-On Experience in Entrepreneurship!

Instill a strong sense of critical thinking and self-confidence in your child.

This unique event provides children with a hands-on experience that not only teaches them valuable business skills but also encourages creativity, problem-solving, critical thinking, communication, math, writing, etc. Your child will benefit from real-world experience and overall development by participating in our children's business fair.

  • Resource Center Deep-Dive

    Our resource center offers rich insight into the Acton Difference, from books to educational videos, we encourage all parents to explore our resource library to learn more about us.

    Join an Info Session or Open House

    This is a great way to get to know us personally and have questions answered to ensure Acton SV is the right place for your family.

    Complete Online Application

    We make it easy to create and finalize your learner's online application & submit the necessary documents to begin your application process.

    Shadow Day Invitation

    Spend a day at AASV seeing our methods and strategic education approach hands-on. We invite your child to come and experience the action first hand, putting the learners at the forefront of the decision making process by allowing them to spend a full day at Acton SV.

    Parent Interview Invitation

    Interview with enrollment team. This the best opportunity to get together and understand Acton's philosophy and answer any questions you may have about our wholistic approach.

    Admissions Decision

    After further consideration, our admissions team will extend an offer to officially enroll your child in AASV.

  • Our method ensure children are engaging in areas they want to engage in, ensuring maximum focus and understanding. We are 80% collaborative with study topics by 6 week blocks with one week off after. Project based learning is the best simulation for the real world.

  • Everything you would learn at a traditional school times 10. Reading , writing, math, history. Electives like marine biology, forensic science, chess or any other areas that will give our learners life experience.


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