Discovery Studio

Ages 7 - 10



The Power of WHY

Learners continue their journey through the Discovery Studio, tackling real world problems, developing self awareness, engaging in collaboration, and appreciating the power of WHY.

Life in Discovery

Where the independent-learning journey takes off

Here, we continue to challenge our learners with thoughtful questions, propelling each child to utilize creativity and curiosity. Learners progress at their own pace in academic core skill, through state-of-the-art adaptive software and gamification. They continue to develop a deep love of reading and math. This allows for independent research and meaningful connections which can fuel their growth and development.



Mastery-based Learning

Due to learners being in the Discovery Studio for 3 years, they will have really mastered the art of self-learning. They will be accelerating in the key academic core skills of Math, English Language Arts, Science and Civics.

Utilizing multi-disciplinary Quests to create an intentional learning environment, learners take a dive-deep into a variety of subjects. Using our learning method of the 3 B’s (Brain, Books, & Buddy), learners are pushed to seek information and find answers to questions that they find meaningful.

Learners demonstrate their growth utilizing the Quests, their yearly portfolios, a mastery-badge system, and daily Socratic discussions.

Social-Emotional Development

Character Building

Alongside personalized education, there is a continued emphasis on social emotional skills in the Discovery Studio.  Character is built through real-world experiences that harness the power of collaboration and teamwork.  In this studio, we emphasize authentic relationships through peer to peer feedback & conflict resolution by fostering strong communication skills and encouraging learners to problem solve through productive, meaningful conversations.  Through learner-developed Studio Contracts, each child learns the value of accountability and how their role impacts the wider studio community. By establishing these fundamental skills at a young age, our learners are prepared to build a life with meaning and purpose.

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Goal of Discovery

The End Result

In addition to advancing in core academic skills, the Discovery Studio supports learner’s development of executive function skills. This means learners will have a deep understanding of who they are, self-discipline, and a growth mindset that will allow them to overcome obstacles and embrace mistakes as opportunities, all vital in today's world.

Due to the mixed age group setting, learners will develop a strong sense of empathy, compassion that fuels their sense of justice and fairness. The continuity within a strong, connected community enables them to build connections that are deep and meaningful.