Welcome From Our Founder

Welcome to Acton Academy Silicon Valley! My team an I have embarked on a journey together to offer an education experience that replaces the one-size fits all approach, and brings forward the unique gifts and talents each child has to offer. After years in the private school system, it became increasingly evident that our children were becoming disengaged, frustrated and bored. The spark, curiosity, and eagerness to know “why,” that you come to expect from a young child, was extinguishing. School became a place of competition rather than competency, where time for deep exploration isn’t part of the curriculum, and where failure is a weakness rather than part of the process. We knew children needed something different and we've made the radical change to find a better way.

We launched Acton Academy Silicon Valley to provide an environment for our own children and those in the community who want to take the magical journey to re-imagine their children’s education and to watch them grow into natural learners. A place where children will have the freedom to explore deeply, take chances, fall down and make mistakes as they become the best version of themselves.

Thank you for allowing us to share this journey with you. We can’t wait to see our new community grow.

- Maria Ferrari

Acton Academy Silicon Valley, Founder