Our Team


Maria Ferrari


Maria is a Senior Product Manager and Strategist in Biotechnology focused on Oncology Research and Development. She has worked in both large-scale organizations such as Google and Genentech, as well as cutting-edge start-ups where she has helped define and lead strategic direction, process optimization and organizational development. As the Founder of Acton Academy SV, Maria is focused on reimagining education for her own daughters and future generations to ensure children approach the real-world with confidence, empathy, character, and a growth-mindset. With her strong organizational development background, Maria takes the role of Founder at Acton Academy SV very seriously to ensure that things are running smoothly and productively. Maria, her husband, and their 4 daughters live in the Bay Area where they enjoy spending time as a family outdoors.

Our Guides

Game-makers, Storytellers, Observers & Encouragers

The core of Acton Academy Silicon Valley is our passionate guides, who instead of giving directions, offer choices and consequences through the Socratic Method of learning. Guides are leading discussions for growth & are facilitators to spark learning!

Take a look below to learn more about each of our guides.

Muhammad Iqbal

Head of School & Discovery Studio Guide

Mo is a former Wall St banker, business operator, entrepreneur and now a passionate educator. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Finance from the University of Georgia. For over a decade, Mo has had a love for teaching and mentoring young learners to help them be the best they can be in and out of the classroom.

By personally teaching his 1st grade niece throughout the pandemic, he noticed the waning joy for learning, the unfostered curiosity, and the lack of preparation for thriving in the 21st century - especially social-emotionally. After that, he was compelled to tackle these problems for the learners in his community and pursued the opportunity as an Acton Guide. And of course, he is a big kid at heart who loves to have fun and inspire learning adventures every single day!

Libby Galt

Spark Studio Guide

Libby brings over 20 years of experience in the field of education, with her most recent role being an educator at the innovative Google Children's Center. Libby brings the perspective and experience of a world traveler into the classroom. Her early experiences traveling the globe taught her patience, perspective and a deeply ingrained sense of appreciation, all key qualities that she brings into the learning environments that she engages with. Because she has had a personal meditation and yoga practice for years, she brings mindful awareness to her work with young people and their families. She earned her undergraduate and Master’s degree in Human Development, with a focus on Families and Leadership in Education. She believes that young people will change the world by being in an environment with supportive adults who are not afraid to challenge them. She doesn’t accept the status quo and knows that when learners are put in charge of their own learning, they will develop a deep self-knowing, one that will transform themselves, each other, and the world. 

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Eddie Ochoa

Discovery Studio Guide

Eddie, joins our team with more than a decade of working alongside children as a tutor, coach, and pod teacher during the pandemic. He earned his A.A in Psychology and Sociology from Cañada College and a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology with a French minor from San Francisco State University. While always referring to his work in childcare as “dad training” he has gained vast amounts of patience, social-emotional awareness, and communication skills to work well with children and the community around them. He always brings his radiating positivity and high energy which he claims stems from working with the youth. He believes everyone has their own calling and if you love something enough, you will want to learn about it as much as possible. Soccer was Eddie’s first love and through sports he developed a great sense of teamwork, discipline, and accountability. Eddie first joined AASV by running our International Sports enrichment camps and left such a positive impact on the learners that they personally asked for him to come back! So Eddie didn’t hesitate to embark on his own AASV Hero’s journey when offered the opportunity as a Discovery Guide! His desire to be here and his passion for education emits daily amongst the community here at AASV.


Erika K. Clark

Head of Admissions & Operations

Erika is a proud San Francisco native who spent over a decade living and working throughout Europe, Latin America, Asia and the East coast. Throughout her career in education she has been instrumental in developing top performing global teams in sales, operations and marketing at senior director levels. 

Erika has consulted for various companies, including founding her own business & nonprofit foundation to support single parents in need. She has been invited to speak on panels, conferences and events around the world and loves motivating people to follow their passion, work hard and grow their businesses. She believes that the world is a better place when women are also at the table making decisions and in leadership roles.

Erika has a love for traveling, having visited nearly 65 countries and speaks several languages. She is a proud of alum of Les Roches International School of Hospitality Management in Switzerland and received her MBA from Glion Institute of Higher Education.