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Time flies when you're having fun!

September 16, 2021

Dear Acton SV Friends & Families,

Here we are half-way through our first session (Build The Tribe) and what an extraordinary first 4 weeks it has been as we get to know our founding students, forge new bonds and friendships and settle into a new way of school. In such a short amount of time, we have experienced truly magical moments as the learners begin to explore, wonder and learn together.

Each learner has set-out into their own Hero’s Journey navigating a series of quests and challenges - we kicked off our first quest - Build the Tribe - where they focus on establishing a strong foundation for their community that will support each learner on their Hero’s Journey. During this quest, learners are challenged to:

  1. Build the foundation and culture to be an awesome team

  2. Create a powerful studio contract to be honored and hold individuals accountable

  3. Learn about systems and tools they can implement for structure, accountability and organization

After two weeks of hard work, the entire school enjoyed the first Adventure Day with a full-day of games and challenges to bring some of their teamwork and competitive spirit to life.

In Spark, our youngest learners have been busy setting their traditions during weekday themes:

Mindful Monday

Tuesday Tea Time

Wonder Wednesday

Thoughtful Thursday

Fun Friday

And having intentional play and lots of exploration!

We even had a pet visitor

We can’t wait for the last two weeks of this session and for the learners to have a chance to share their hard work and experiences at our first Exhibition at the end of this session.

Until next time! 👋🏼

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