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Hello Acton SV Family and Friends!

What an amazing ending to the year to kick-off the summer break! We wrapped the year with a series of events called Acton SV Life Series, inviting our students and the community to participate in fun projects as a way for new families to learn about Acton SV and see our own student body in action. Acton SV is all about our students trying and experiencing new things. Hypothesizing, designing, testing, (sometimes) failing, pivoting and trying again. As adults, most of us didn’t learn how to accept uncertainty at an early age and to test ideas and solutions quickly, cheaply and often but giving kids the space to do so and the tools to learn from those experiences will pay dividends in the long-run.

We want to give a big shout out to our Acton SV Parent, Kristen Gettinger, for getting creative and coming up with our newsletter's name, Acton in Action! As a team, we are busy planning the upcoming school year and so excited to welcome our new students and parents into the Acton SV family. We can't wait to share this amazing new journey with each of you!

Maria Ferrari & Shannon Scordella, Co-Founders



On a beautiful but windy Saturday morning, students had a short introduction to nature sketching, color mixing and painting on canvas with our Spark Guide, Libby! Kids used their imaginations and turned their sketches into beautiful masterpieces.


Kids got to explore a bit of Italy by making pasta dough from scratch and rolled it out by hand. It was hard for us "adults" to stand back and not join in on the fun but this was all about the kids. They went home with fresh sauce and pasta ready to make dinner for their family!


This was the ultimate test of patience, perseverance and, for some, the hard lesson of failing. Each student built a kite from scratch and tested it's flying power. Many didn't get it to work and considered alternative designs, changing the tension on the strings, the position of the dowels and the material of the tails. We plan to revisit this project again with new perspectives and hope to have many more kites up in the sky!

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