Spark Studio

Ages 5 - 6


Utilizing the power of story-telling, the Spark Studio sets out to ignite and foster the natural curiosity, social-emotional skills and academic foundations of every learner as they commence their hero’s journey. 


Life in Spark

The Spark Studio is a Montessori-inspired environment that enables children to be agents of their own learning. We believe that every child has a story to tell and we weave their individual voices into a fabric that creates a community of learners. In this joyful setting, the children focus on building the foundation of cognitive, physical and social emotional skills through extended periods of play with loose parts. Learners in the Spark Studio will be introduced, in an age appropriate way, to projects - called quests - and socratic discussions. During these pivotal years, we foster playful connections while establishing the early fundamentals of Math, English Language Arts, Science and Visual Arts. We give children warm and caring prompts so they can collaborate with peers, while laying the foundation for self-directed learning.

Goal of Spark

The primary focus of the Spark Studio is Social-Emotional Development while fostering academic core-skills. Learners emerge from the Spark Studio with a strong sense of independence, confidence, and curiosity. They develop collaboration skills, empathy, and perspective-taking that supports friendships and teamwork. Math and literacy skills are two key elements evaluated in the Spark Studio to ensure that a solid foundation has been achieved in order to continue skill building in the Discovery Studio.