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The Nitty Gritty Preschool Studio offers a multi-age program for children who turn three by March 1st during the current school year. Our class meets Monday through Friday with Full day or Half Day schedules. The guide-to-child ratio of 1:8.

Arrival/free activity time /art 

8:15 -9:45


9:45 -10:15

Circle time

10:15 -10:45

Outside play

10:45 -11:45

Morning quest  activities

11:45 -12:15


12:15 -12:45

Closing circle/dismissal for half-day students

12:45 -1:00

Quiet story time / Nap time

1:00 -1:30

Afternoon snack

1:30 -1:45

Afternoon Quest

1:45 - 2:30

Outdoor play

2:30 -3:00


3:00 - 3:15

After Care

3:15 - 5:00


2023-2024 Tuition

Half Day - 8:15 am - 1 pm - $17,000

Full Day - 8:15 am - 3:15 pm - $19,500
After care - 3:15 pm - 5pm - $4,000



The Heart of Early Education

Dedicated to creating a safe and high-quality learning experience


We believe that young children learn best in a safe, nurturing environment that provides opportunities for children to learn and develop through age and individually-appropriate activities. We believe a successful program should provide a rich environment that promotes children’s active exploration in all areas of development: physical, social-emotional, critical thinking, and cognitive skills. Our curriculum is integrated into the classroom through a thematic approach where learning activities are concrete, developmentally appropriate, and relevant. Learning is viewed as an interactive process between guides and children. Therefore, guides prepare the environment and plan activities that are appropriate for the age span of the children within the group and consider the different needs, interests, and developmental levels of each child.

Life in Nitty Gritty

Learning is facilitated by giving children opportunities to make choices about which activities and materials they will use. Guides use the socratic method to stimulate and extend knowledge by asking questions and making suggestions. This approach also helps emphasize language development and communication. Children have opportunities to play and work with other children, make choices and encounter consequences, and negotiate social conflicts using appropriate language. Guides model respect, acceptance, and empathy, while supporting each child’s accomplishments by providing positive verbal encouragement. We believe that this is the best approach to aid your child as they begin their education.

Our Goal

Our goal is to work in partnership with parents in creating a warm environment where children develop their ability to express themselves. We achieve this through providing creative and productive play experiences that balance structured and unstructured, open-ended activities. Through a combination of social-emotional, music, phonics, and handwriting programs, we aim to foster a love of learning and help children build important skills that will serve them well throughout their academic journey.

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