Exploration Studio

Ages 10 - 14

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Purposeful Learning

To create an environment of purposeful learning where learners develop a sense of belonging and a deep connection to themselves, their peers, their communities and the natural world.

Life in Exploration

The early adolescence years are a period of rapid physical and mental growth. Exploration learners are thinking more abstractly, with more complexity and building deeper social-emotional connections. Learners have proven they are able to work independently and drive their education journey. Exploration is where executive functioning skills (working memory, mental flexibility and self-control) begin to take shape. 


The Exploration Studio is an opportunity to create an environment that helps learners understand who they really are and who they want to be - this is the time when learners build upon their self-awareness and leadership. Throughout the years in Exploration, there is continuous reinforcement and appreciation for their value and contribution to our school community through authenticity, accountability, responsibility and respect to themselves and their peers. In this studio, our learners immerse themselves in real-world application of core skills, experience higher levels of freedom, test their limits in character-building and engage in deeper discussions covering complex issues and topics. In turn, they gain a strong sense of purpose and agency over themselves and begin to develop into thoughtful, engaged humans connected to the world around them.   



Independent Mastery-based Learning

Just like in Discovery, we approach academics in Exploration not as siloed subjects but as a fully interdisciplinary experience. This allows learners to draw meaning, purpose, and relevancy into all that they do. Building on the foundations of Discovery Studio, learners in the Exploration Studio continue to demonstrate core-skill mastery, independence, critical thinking, creativity and innovative problem solving abilities through authentic real-world experiences.


Exploration learners will be encouraged to take their knowledge and apply it to the real world through apprenticeships. These apprenticeships will help learners dive deep and see real operations in progress, taking their learning to the next level.

Social-Emotional Development

The Exploration learners will learn to find their own path and develop their interests while also belonging to a group of learners who are all on the same journey. They are there to support each other and help push each other to reach personal levels of excellence and take pride in their work. Developing independence and being part of the real world boosts their confidence and makes them active life-long learners. 

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Goal of Exploration

The Exploration studio years are the perfect time to develop intellect and character while gaining a deeper sense of self and the real world. Exploration learners have a broad range of topics to study and pair in-depth exploration with real world connections to experts and local apprenticeships. Exploration years are all about belonging and serving a purpose. In Exploration the focus is on inspiring learners to develop a sense of personal accountability, a deepening of their passions for individual subjects while broadening their understanding of themselves and their future.