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Discovery Studio

Step into Acton Academy's Discovery Studio, where young learners aged 7-10 embark on an exciting educational journey. Through personalized core skills, captivating hands-on projects we call “Quests,” and a culture of exploration, this dynamic space ignites a passion for learning that goes beyond the ordinary.

Develop Your Child’s Critical Thinking

Our learner-centered philosophy guides the Discovery Studio, fostering a deep love for learning through the exploration of personalized core skills, engaging Quests, and the sheer joy of play. We believe in nurturing not just academic proficiency but also the ability to think critically and approach challenges with curiosity. Learners engage in interdisciplinary projects in order to make connections between different subject areas, allowing them to create flexible and holistic models of the world.

As children progress through the Discovery Studio, they not only master foundational academic skills but also develop the mindset and skills necessary to solve real-world problems. The focus on critical thinking is a cornerstone of our approach, empowering learners to analyze, evaluate, and synthesize information independently. Learners are empowered to work on skills that will carry with them throughout their lives like prioritization, conflict resolution and SMART goal setting. This foundation serves as a springboard, preparing them for the next stage in their educational journey — the Exploration Studio, where they delve even deeper into interdisciplinary quests and real-world applications.

What our learners master in the Discovery Studio

Critical Thinking

In the Discovery Studio, learners master the art of critical thinking. They develop the ability to analyze information, ask thoughtful questions, and approach challenges with a mindset that goes beyond rote memorization, fostering a deeper understanding of concepts.

Interdisciplinary Connections

The Discovery Studio is a space where learners hone their skills in connecting different subjects. By engaging in interdisciplinary projects, they learn to see the interconnectedness of knowledge, fostering a holistic understanding of the world.

Personalized Core Skills

Through personalized learning paths, each child masters core academic skills in subjects like math, language arts, and science. This personalized approach ensures that learners progress at their own pace, building a strong foundation for future academic success.

Joyful Exploration

The studio emphasizes the joy of learning through play and exploration. Children not only gain knowledge but also develop a love for the process of discovery. This joy becomes a driving force that propels them forward in their educational journey.

Why Choose Discovery Studio

The Discovery Studio is not just a stepping stone, it's a vibrant space where young minds learn to think critically, setting the stage for a future of exploration and continuous intellectual growth.

Nurturing Curiosity
In Discovery Studio, we cultivate curiosity as the driving force for learning. Your child explores diverse subjects led by their own questioning, sparking a genuine passion for knowledge and a love of discovery.
Holistic Skill Development
Beyond academic excellence, Discovery Studio fosters the development of essential life skills. From effective communication to collaboration and problem-solving, your child gains a holistic skillset crucial for success in a dynamic world.
Interdisciplinary Mastery
In this studio, mastery isn't confined to individual subjects. Learners master the art of connecting the dots across various disciplines, promoting a comprehensive understanding of the world around them.
Personalized Learning Paths
Each child in the Discovery Studio follows a personalized learning path tailored to their unique strengths and areas for growth.
Lifelong Learning Mindset
We instill a lifelong love for learning. By emphasizing self-directed exploration, we equip learners not only with academic knowledge but also with the curiosity and tools needed for continuous personal and intellectual growth.
Empowering Independence
In contrast to traditional schooling, Discovery Studio is not about dependency but empowerment. We nurture independence, encouraging learners to take charge of their educational journey and become confident, self-directed individuals.
learning design

The Acton Academy learning design

No Homework or Grades

Learning is focused on mastery within the classroom, eliminating the need for homework and grades.

Project-Based Learning

Education is driven by hands-on projects, encouraging practical problem-solving and skill development.

Guides, Not Teachers

The learning process is guided by mentors who facilitate exploration and critical thinking rather than traditional teaching.

Mixed-Aged Studios

Students collaborate in mixed-age environments, fostering a dynamic and supportive learning community.

How your child will grow in Discovery

Critical Thinkers

In the Discovery Studio, your child will cultivate sharp critical thinking skills. Through engaging projects, intellectual challenges, and real-world problem-solving, they'll learn to approach challenges with curiosity and creativity.

Independent Learners

The studio's philosophy empowers learners to guide their educational journey. Without the constraints of traditional schooling, children become independent thinkers, taking ownership of their learning and developing self-motivation.

Versatile Problem Solvers

Project-based learning equips students with the ability to tackle real-world issues. By working on diverse challenges, they gain the skills needed to solve problems effectively, fostering adaptability and versatility.

Effective Communicators

Communication is a core focus in the Discovery Studio. Whether through written, oral, or reading skills, learners practice and master communication techniques. This proficiency not only aids academic success but also sets them up for success in their future endeavors.

Frequent Asked Questions

How does the Discovery Studio differ from traditional classrooms?
Unlike traditional classrooms, the Discovery Studio prioritizes independent exploration, interdisciplinary learning, and the development of essential life skills, creating a dynamic environment that goes beyond conventional academic approaches.
How does project-based learning unfold in the Discovery Studio?
Project-based learning in the Discovery Studio is dynamic and hands-on. Learners engage in quests—real-world challenges that stimulate critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration. These quests allow learners to dive deep into topics, encouraging exploration and fostering a love for learning.

Recent quest examples include: Entrepreneurship, Detective Science, Community Garden and others!
How do learners develop core skills that prepare them for the next Studio?
The Discovery Studio serves as a foundational experience that prepares learners for the Exploration Studio. It instills the necessary skills, curiosity, and independence required for more in-depth, self-guided quests in the subsequent studio.
How does the curriculum in the Discovery Studio integrate real-world applications?
Our curriculum is designed to bridge theory with practical applications. Learners work on Quests that address real-world challenges, applying their knowledge to find innovative solutions and gaining insights into the relevance of their learning.
What makes the Discovery Studio a great fit for children aged 7 to 10?
The Discovery Studio is thoughtfully designed to meet the developmental needs of children aged 7 to 10. It offers an engaging blend of project-based learning, nurturing mentorship, and skill development. By fostering curiosity, independence, and a growth mindset, the Discovery Studio prepares learners for academic success and personal growth.

Any questions about Discovery?

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Ignite your child's curiosity and critical thinking skills in our Discovery Studio. Admissions are now open, offering a transformative educational journey that prepares them for a future of limitless possibilities!