Welcome to Acton Academy Silicon Valley! Our school is committed to empowering young learners to become self-directed leaders through an educational model that challenges the status quo and puts learners first. 

Here at Acton, your child will be in an environment where learners are encouraged to explore deeply, take chances, and make mistakes as they become the best version of themselves.

Maria Ferrari
Acton Academy SV Founder
Who We Are

What you need to know about Acton SV

Acton Academy Silicon Valley is not just a school; it's a dynamic learning community dedicated to nurturing young minds and empowering them to become self-directed learners. Our mission is to provide an educational experience that goes beyond the ordinary, focusing on personalized, mastery-based learning.
The Acton Difference
What sets us apart is our commitment to a revolutionary educational philosophy. No homework, project-based learning, and a focus on critical thinking are just a few aspects of the Acton difference. We believe in guiding learners to explore their passions, fostering a love for learning that extends far beyond the classroom.
Student-Centric Approach
At Acton, learners are at the center of everything we do. Our self-paced progression model allows learners to advance at their own speed, ensuring a tailored educational journey. It's an approach that respects individuality and encourages learners to take charge of their learning.
Unique Campus Experience
Our campus is designed to inspire creativity and exploration. Mixed-aged studios, small class sizes, and a supportive learning environment provide the ideal backdrop for intellectual growth. We believe in creating spaces where curiosity thrives and learners feel empowered.
Beyond Academics
Education at Acton SV goes beyond traditional academics. We emphasize holistic skill development, including effective communication, collaboration, and problem-solving. It's an approach that prepares learners not just for exams but for life's challenges.
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Meet our Team

At Acton Academy SV, our guides are more than educators; they are mentors on a journey of self-discovery and mastery. With a commitment to personalized learning, they guide learners to set audacious goals, fostering curiosity, critical thinking, and collaboration. Drawing on diverse backgrounds, our guides inspire innovation and empower every voice. They ignite a passion for lifelong learning, preparing learners to thrive in an ever-changing world.

Maria Ferrari


Maria is a Senior Product Manager and Strategist in Biotechnology, with a focus on Oncology R&D. She is the Founder of Acton Academy SV, reimagining education.

Meet Maria Ferrari

Muhammad Iqbal


Mo is a former Wall St banker turned educator. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Finance and is passionate about teaching and mentoring young learners.

Meet Muhammad Iqbal

Libby Galt


Libby brings over 20 years of education experience, integrating her world traveler perspective. She believes in empowering learners and challenging the status quo.

Meet Libby Galt

David Healey

Head of Operations

David is a former product manager who transitioned from tech to education. Now Head of Operations at Acton Academy Silicon Valley, he is focused on school operations and program development.

Meet David Healey

Pedro Miola


Pedro is a naturally curious learner with a background in diverse roles, from pharmacology researcher to urban beekeeping manager. He is infectiously energetic and empathetic.

Meet Pedro Miola

Erika K. Clark


Erika, a San Francisco native, has over a decade of global education experience. She is a speaker, consultant, and advocate for women in leadership roles.

Meet Erika K. Clark

Marlene Coe


Marlene has 37 years of experience in child development, bringing empathy and patience to guide young learners. She founded Nitty Gritty Preschool and is dedicated to fostering a warm environment.

Meet Marlene Coe

Paula Tzoumbas


Paula has over 30 years of experience teaching music and movement, with a strong emphasis on music curriculum. She loves witnessing the "Light Bulb" moments in children's learning.

Meet Paula Tzoumbas

Clare Reger


Clare, originally from England, has over 10 years of education experience. She believes in making math relevant, hands-on, and fun. Clare facilitates immersive math workshops at AASV.

Meet Clare Reger

Christiane Haase


Christiane, with a background in Architecture and Visual Art, brings a cross-curricular approach to teaching. She focuses on experiential learning, fostering creativity, and incorporating art into various subjects.

Meet Christiane Haase

Explore the Studios of Acton Academy SV


Nitty Gritty

Ages 2-5
A nurturing preschool program with flexible 2-day, 3-day, 5-day and half or full day options.
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Grade K-1


Ages 5-7
Spark Studio ignites curiosity, creativity, skills through quests, discussions, and play-based learning, preparing for academic excellence.
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Grade 2-5


AGES 7-11
Elementary learners embrace hero's journey, mastering core skills, teamwork, quests, fostering growth mindset.
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Grade 6-8


AGES 11-13
Learners delve into challenges, fostering growth through Socratic discussions, practical application, and community-building.
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Admissions are now open

If you're seeking an educational experience that goes beyond the ordinary, where your child can embark on a journey of self-discovery, critical thinking, and real-world exploration, Acton Academy is the place to be! Join us in shaping the future of education and unlocking the unique potential within each child.