Meet Pedro Miola

Pedro has always been a naturally curious learner, driven by a wide range of interests. He is obsessed with bringing people to their “lightbulb moment,” regardless of age, background or interests. Pedro has spent the past 15 years working in diverse roles that have shaped him to be the most empathetic, infectiously energetic educator possible. His passion for teaching began early on while volunteering at Children’s Hospital summer camps and coaching soccer camps for the Seattle Sounders. Pedro graduated from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, with a double major in Chemistry and Hispanic Linguistics and Biology minor. He spent a few years working as a pharmacology researcher and as a surgical assistant for an orthopedic, ear, nose and throat surgery center before being accepted into medical school. Pedro opted to defer medical school and moved to Brazil to explore other opportunities. For two years, Pedro worked as the urban beekeeping team manager in Seattle and Portland, installing rooftop beehives downtown and educating the communities on the importance of pollinators and most recently as Chief of Staff in an early stage startup.