Meet Christiane Haase

Christiane grew up in Germany and studied Architecture and Visual Art at Bauhaus-University in Germany. She has lived and worked in Canada, Japan, China, The Netherlands and Switzerland before moving to the US in 2014.

Christiane exhibited her drawings and sculptures in Germany and abroad and has taught drawing and creative ideation classes in universities in Germany as well as teaching adults and art educators before she started to work with younger students. She is currently a Secondary school art teacher and Head of Art department at another private school in the Bay Area.

As an educator Christiane has always enjoyed teaching within a project based and  cross curricular setting because it allows visual art to be connected to life, science, math, language arts and beyond. Instead of focusing solely on the mastery of artistic techniques and the production of “presentable” end products, her  focus lies on the  experiential learning process, fostering creativity, self expression and reflection - while still picking up a few helpful techniques on the way. Learning techniques, mastering hand-eye coordination and developing fine motor skills are never the sole goal but abilities that enable students to communicate their ideas and express themselves. She also incorporates architecture and design into her teaching projects and uses Design Thinking within this framework. At Acton she will design creative learning experiences connected to the quests and history lessons, also incorporating art history and contemporary art whenever applicable.

You will find more information about Christiane’s work as well as a few teaching examples on her website: