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Nitty Gritty Studio

Welcome to Acton Academy's Nitty Gritty Studio, a nurturing preschool designed for our youngest learners aged 2-5. In this Studio, we focus on providing a multi-age program, fostering social development, and introducing foundational skills through a play-based learning environment.

Start Your Child’s Learning Journey on the Right Path

Nitty Gritty Studio provides flexible schedule options tailored to your child's needs. Choose from our 2-day, 3-day, or 5-day programs, available in half or full-day sessions.

Our preschool is thoughtfully crafted to support the developmental milestones of young learners. Here, in a nurturing and stimulating environment, we ignite curiosity and cultivate a deep-seated love for learning.

Stepping into Nitty Gritty Studio marks the beginning of a child's educational journey. Beyond a traditional preschool, it's a place where young minds flourish, laying the foundation for future academic achievements and a lifelong passion for learning.

flexible schedules

Options to Meet Your Child's Needs

2 Days/Week

A schedule option for ages 2 & 3 where classes are held on Tuesday and Thursday, allowing for concentrated learning sessions with breaks in between.

3 Days/Week

A schedule option for ages 2 & 3 where classes are held on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, providing a balanced approach to learning.

5 Days/Week

A full-week schedule option for ages 2 - 5 with classes held every weekday, offering consistent learning and structure throughout the week.

Half or Full Day

Provide your child with a stimulating learning environment either for the morning hours or extending into the afternoon

Why Choose Nitty Gritty Studio

Nitty Gritty Preschool is a nurturing community where young minds blossom. Our focus is on the holistic development of each child, fostering their curiosity, creativity, and confidence. Through engaging activities and personalized attention, we inspire a love for learning that lasts a lifetime.
Social-Emotional Development
Nitty Gritty Preschool recognizes the crucial role of social-emotional development in children's overall growth. Our incorporation of the Kimochis® curriculum helps children navigate and express their emotions effectively and constructively. Kimochis®, a research-based program, uses plush characters and engaging activities to teach children vital skills such as emotional regulation, empathy, and conflict resolution, preparing them for a lifetime of healthy relationships and emotional intelligence. Our dedicated Guides are trained in the Kimochis® approach, creating a nurturing environment where children feel empowered to express themselves authentically.
Education Through Music
We believe in the power of music to enhance early childhood development and support diverse learning styles. Nitty Gritty is delighted to offer the Music Together® In-School Curriculum, a research-based program that encourages musical exploration and creativity in young children. Through singing, dancing, and instrument play, children develop crucial language, social, and cognitive skills in an enjoyable and engaging manner. Led by our certified Music Together® Guide, children are immersed in a musically rich environment that nurtures their love for music and promotes holistic development.
Small Class Sizes & Individualized Attention
At Nitty Gritty Preschool, we maintain a small class size with a remarkable 1:8 ratio. This allows us to provide each child with the individualized attention they need to thrive. Our Guides are dedicated to understanding and meeting the unique needs of every learner, ensuring that no child is left behind.
Nurturing Environment
We believe that parents play a crucial role in their child's education. That's why we actively encourage parental involvement in our program. From regular communication to involvement in classroom activities, we strive to create a strong partnership between parents and Guides, ensuring the best possible learning experience for each child.
Parental Involvement
We believe that parents play a crucial role in their child's education. That's why we actively encourage parental involvement in our program. From regular communication to involvement in classroom activities, we strive to create a strong partnership between parents and Guides, ensuring the best possible learning experience for each child.
Holistic Development
At Nitty Gritty Preschool, we focus on the holistic development of every child. Our curriculum is designed to nurture not just academic skills but also social-emotional growth, physical development, and creative expression. We believe that by addressing the needs of the whole child, we can help each child reach their full potential.

The Acton Academy learning design

Multi-Age Play

At Nitty Gritty Studio, children participate in a multi-age program to foster social-emotional development. This approach encourages social interaction, cooperation, and a sense of community as children learn and play together.

Play-Based Learning

Emphasizing play-based learning, our Studio introduces foundational skills in a fun and engaging way. Children explore the world around them through purposeful play, laying the groundwork for cognitive, physical, and socio-emotional development.

Structured Learning

Nitty Gritty Studio provides structured learning opportunities to support early social development. Through age-appropriate activities and guided interactions, children learn to communicate, share, and collaborate with their peers.

Unstructured Learning

In addition to structured learning, the Studio incorporates unstructured learning to encourage creativity and independent thinking. Children have the freedom to explore and discover, enhancing their social-emotional and cognitive skills.

How your child will grow in Nitty Gritty

Enhanced Social

Through our multi-age program, children learn to interact with peers of different ages, fostering a sense of community and promoting social skills like cooperation, communication, and empathy.

Cognitive Development

Our play-based learning approach stimulates cognitive growth by encouraging children to explore, experiment, and solve problems independently, laying the foundation for critical thinking and analytical skills.


The Kimochis® Social Emotional Curriculum helps children develop emotional intelligence by teaching them to identify and manage their feelings, leading to improved self-regulation and a better understanding of others' emotions.

Language and Communication Skills

The Music Together® In-School Curriculum supports language development through singing, dancing, and musical activities, enhancing vocabulary, rhythm, and listening skills crucial for effective communication.

Frequent Asked Questions

What sets Nitty Gritty Preschool apart from other preschools in the area?

We take a holistic approach to education. Our curriculum focuses on the development of the whole child, encompassing not just academic skills but also social, emotional, and physical growth. We pride ourselves on our child-centered approach, ensuring that each child receives personalized attention to thrive.

Expect a warm and nurturing learning environment at our preschool, where we prioritize social and emotional development alongside academic growth. Our curriculum strikes a balance between structured and unstructured activities, incorporating play-based learning for a fun and educational experience.
What is the enrollment process at Nitty Gritty Preschool?
Outside of meeting the age requirement, we require that each family tour the school or attend an open house. A short 30-45 min playdate is set up for Marlene to meet each child.
What is the tuition cost at Nitty Gritty Preschool?

2024-2025 Tuition Fees are as follows:

Full Week Program (ages 2-5)
5 Day - Full day program (M-F 8 AM-3:15 PM): $21,065
5 Day - Half day program (M-F 8 AM-1 PM): $18,440

Part-time program (ages 2 & 3 only):

2 Day - Full Day Program (T/Th 8 AM-3:15 PM): $12,218
2 Day - Half Day Program (T/Th 8 AM-1 PM): $9,958
3 Day - Full Day Program (M/W/F 8 AM-3:15 PM): $18,327
3 Day - Half Day Program (M/W/F 8 AM-1 PM): $14,936

Materials Fee: $200

Sibling Discount: A $1,000 sibling discount will be applied for each additional child enrolled. The Sibling Discount is applied to each younger student and is only applicable when more than one child in the same family is enrolled during the same school year.
Does Nitty Gritty Preschool provide meals for children?
While we do not provide lunch, we do have morning and afternoon snack times where children can enjoy nutritious snacks provided by Nitty Gritty.
How does Nitty Gritty Preschool communicate with parents about their child's progress?
We regularly communicate through newsletters, emails, and parent-teacher conferences to keep parents informed about their child's progress, milestones, and any concerns.
What safety protocols does Nitty Gritty Preschool have in place to ensure the well-being of my child?

At Nitty Gritty, health, and safety is our first priority. We have several safety protocols in place to ensure the health and safety of every child in our school. 

  • All students must sign in and out daily.
  • Parents must fill out a form to authorize an unauthorized adult to pick up a learner, and a photo ID is required to release the child.
  • Learners participate in fire drills and earthquake drills on rotating months.
  • There is an on-site emergency and evacuation plan posted in each Studio.
  • All Guides have passed a DOJ criminal background clearance. 
  • All Guides are CPR/First Aid certified and have participated in a 6-hour training on health & safety, nutrition, and lead poisoning, as the state requires.
  • All Guides are legally mandated child abuse reporters and must take a certification course on understanding the signs of abuse.
How does Nitty Gritty help prepare children for future education?
At Nitty Gritty, we strive to build a robust academic and social-emotional foundation that equips children for their future education. Our curriculum not only imparts essential academic knowledge starting with early literacy and writing, but also nurtures creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

As a part of the Acton Academy learning journey, Nitty Gritty Studio seamlessly transitions children to Spark Studio. This progression allows them to cultivate foundational skills and independence, preparing them for the more structured learning experiences of Spark Studio.

Any questions about Nitty Gritty?

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Begin your child's educational journey in our Nitty Gritty Studio. Admissions are now open, offering a nurturing preschool experience that sets the stage for a future of limitless possibilities!