Meet Clare Reger

Originally from England, Clare has over 10 years’ experience working in education as a teacher, tutor, university lecturer and researcher in various STEM subjects including math, physics, robotics, environmental science, citizenship, engineering, urban environments, and renewable energy. Clare's academic research has included work on learning processes and motivations as well as common barriers and challenges for learners. Through her research into how children learn, Clare found herself drawn to alternative models of education that offer more research-backed approaches, such as Acton Academy. She has a Masters degree in Engineering from Cambridge University, a PhD in Renewable Energy (Social Science / Engineering combined) and a UK teaching qualification, specializing in math. Outside of academics, Clare has brought her passion for teaching to other pursuits including teaching improvised comedy, music and coaching women's soccer.

Clare believes that math should be relevant, hands-on and fun, focusing on problem-solving and collaboration. At AASV, Clare facilitates immersive math workshops that give learners the opportunity to translate story-based, real-world challenges into Mathematical problems.