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Where Curiosity and
Imagination Grow

Step into Acton Academy's Spark Studio, a vibrant space tailored for early learners aged 5-6. Through a blend of Montessori whole-child development, play, and exploration, the Spark Studio nurtures the joy of learning that goes beyond traditional approaches.

Develop Your Child’s Growth and Learning

Acton Academy Silicon Valley is an innovative learning environment, where individuality is not just embraced but celebrated. Our private school is designed around the belief that every child is a unique learner, and success doesn't require conformity.

Guided by our learner-centered philosophy, Spark Studio nurtures a deep love for learning by focusing on the development of the whole child aged 5 to 6. Through play and exploration, we aim not only to foster the academic fundamentals in Math, English Language Arts, Science, and Visual Arts, but also to instill qualities like curiosity, independence, and a sense of wonder. Children in Spark are encouraged to explore their natural interests, building a foundation for future academic success.

What our learners master in Spark Studio

Whole-Child Development

Through a Montessori-inspired approach, they engage in activities that enhance cognitive, physical, and social emotional skills, fostering a comprehensive understanding of themselves and the world.


The studio emphasizes the joy of learning through play. Children not only gain knowledge but also develop a love for the process of discovery. This joy becomes a driving force propelling them forward in their educational journey.


Through purposeful play and guided activities, each child masters foundational skills in subjects like math, language arts, and science. This ensures a solid base for future academic success.

Independence and Social Skills

Spark Studio encourages the development of independence and social skills. Through collaborative play and group activities, children learn to interact, communicate, and collaborate effectively with their peers.

Why Choose Spark Studio

Spark Studio is not just an introduction to the learning process. It’s a lively space where young minds aged 5 to 6 begin their educational journey, setting the stage for a future of exploration and continuous intellectual growth.

Early Curiosity Cultivation
In Spark Studio, we recognize the importance of cultivating curiosity from an early age. Your child engages in activities that spark their natural interests, laying the foundation for a lifelong love of learning.
Holistic Growth Approach
Unlike traditional approaches, our focus extends beyond academic excellence. Spark Studio fosters the development of essential life skills, creating a well-rounded learning experience that prepares your child for success in a dynamic world.
Guided Independence
Spark Studio is designed to nurture independence in early learners. We provide a structured environment where children can explore and make choices independently, fostering a sense of responsibility and self-motivation.
Montessori-Inspired Activities
In the Spark Studio, individualized attention is ensured through Montessori-inspired activities that cater to each child's developmental stage.
Observation and Adaptation
Guides in Spark closely observe each child's progress, adapting activities to meet their individual needs and interests.
Empowering Early Learners
In contrast to traditional schooling, Spark Studio is about empowerment. We nurture early independence, encouraging learners to take charge of their educational journey and become confident, self-directed individuals.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Spark Studio support the development of independence in early learners?
Spark Studio is designed to nurture independence in early learners. Through structured play and guided activities, children explore and make choices independently, fostering a sense of responsibility and self-motivation.
What is the role of Guides in Spark Studio?
Guides in Spark Studio facilitate exploration and holistic development. They create a supportive environment that encourages curiosity and self-directed learning, setting the stage for a lifetime of intellectual growth.
How does Spark Studio prepare children for the transition to the Discovery Studio?
Spark Studio serves as a tailored transition to the Discovery Studio. The foundational skills and independence developed here empower learners for the challenges of more in-depth, self-guided Quests in the subsequent studio.
Can you provide an example of a typical day in Spark Studio?
Certainly! A typical day in Spark Studio includes a blend of Montessori-inspired activities, guided explorations, and group interactions. Children engage in purposeful play that enhances cognitive, physical, and socio-emotional skills.
How does Spark Studio balance play-based learning with academic skill development for early learners?
Spark Studio employs a Montessori-inspired approach that seamlessly blends play-based learning with academic skill development. Through purposeful play and guided activities, children master foundational skills while enjoying the joy of exploration.
What sets Spark Studio apart from traditional schools?
Spark Studio stands out with its Montessori-inspired play-based learning, focus on holistic development, and seamless transition to the Acton Academy learning journey. Unlike traditional preschools, we prioritize independence, curiosity, and a love of learning.

Any questions about Spark?

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Admissions are open for Spark Studio

Ignite your child's curiosity and growth in our Spark Studio. Admissions are now open, offering a transformative early learning experience that sets the stage for a future of limitless possibility!